Monday, September 12, 2011

Steakdrol, Anabolic Mass Building Agent from Midgard Labs

(image credit to Maggie Smith)
The drug Steakdrol is, without a doubt The MOST POWERFULL ORAL ANABOLIC, that any user can cycle with to gain quality lean mass. Steakdrol is also the most powerful hardening agent that anyone could hope for. Steakdrol's anabolic score and androgenic ratio is 9500 which is 19x more anabolic/androgenic than Trebolone, and 95x more anabolic/androgenic than the male hormone Testosterone. This oral compound builds muscle like nothing else you can ever imagine. The effectiveness of Steakdrol on a mg to mg basis with other compounds is extremely weak, but the results from Steakdrol only increase with dosage. Dosage can be increased indefinitely. 

So what makes Steakdrol so anabolic? 

Tons of factors come into play when this compound is introduced into the body. Steakdrol increases protein synthesis via the mTOR pathway. Steakdrol also increases nitrogen retention in muscles. It also provides all the amino acids needed for Protein Synthesis. Steakdrol also provides multiple nutrients to the body that are vital for building lean mass. 

Is Steakdrol safe for teenage athletes?

Yes, Steakdrol is a safe anabolic compound for teens. Teen atheletes benefit from this compound immensely when proper dosing is incorporated. Teens should expect no adverse side effects while on Steakdrol.  It is safe for anyone because Steakdrol is Non-Suppressive. Long term usage of Steakdrol showed no decrease in male production of testosterone, or Luteneizing hormone. It can even be used in Post Cycle Therapy to help maintain gains. Estrogenic side effects are non-existent in all users. Teen users can expect gains of 10-20lb lean gains on a single cycle of Steakdrol.

What kind of dosing do I need to see gains with Steakdrol?

Recommending dosages for Steakdrol vary from user to user. As a start I recommend anywhere from 500-1000g per day. Just maintain the dosage for a week or two and if you don't see gains, up the dosage another 500g. New users should see gains with the recommend dosage within 2 weeks. 

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